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Social Capital Value Add

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 9 months ago

Hi there - I thought I would post a free copy of my ChangeThis manifesto & e-book for everyone.  I would be grateful for your feedback.  You can check out some of the early reviews here: http://twurl.nl/wz686b


It is easy to grab a copy at this link.


Social Capital Value Add is my effort to link the pioneering studies of social capital and social network analysis to value based management and the priorities of corporate managers.


The blurb ...


Sometime in 2004 when broadband Internet access began to become more prevalent than connections with less capacity, there was a point of inflection that has changed how corporations may create and preserve value.


New management methods are required to guide investors and corporate managers in their efforts to understand new risks due to these changes, to identify corporations that are more or less qualified to deal with these risks and to track specific performance in these areas relative to other companies, history and projections.


The mission of SCVA is to:



“empower investors and management with the framework to differentiate more valuable corporate assets (i.e. social networks maximized for social capital) from less valuable ones, and, in so doing, enable the establishment of measurable corporate goals and objectives.”



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