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FAQs (2007)

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Frequently Asked Questions

about Talk Is Cheap



1. What exactly is Talk is Cheap?

Talk is Cheap is an evening unconference at Centennial College’s Centre for Creative Communications. The event offers a series of 20-minute presentations about PR social media (Web 2.0). Presenters will be discussing blogging, podcasting, wikis, social networks and social media newsrooms.


2. What is an unconference?

An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is driven and created by the participants. That means some of the participants will also be running sessions at Talk Is Cheap. Over the next few weeks, PR practitioners with social media experience are encouraged to suggest a topic using the Schedule page on this wiki. If you have a topic you’d like to see presented by someone else, there’s an opportunity to do that as well. Oh, one more thing about unconferences. They’re free!


3. Why is it called Talk Is Cheap?

The name recognizes that social media is about conversation and that it represents an inexpensive tactic. The name also recognizes that the event’s purpose is to encourage conversation and learning about social media in an affordable setting.


4. What can I expect?

Talk is Cheap is about conversation, networking and learning. Between 6 and 9 p.m. on November 15, you have a chance to take part in up to four back-to-back sessions providing practical knowledge and tips about social media activity of particular interest to you. And you'll have choices, with several sessions running in each time slot. At the front end of the evening, there will be food and beverages available in the main foyer which will remain open all evening so participants can chat between – or during – sessions.


5. Is there registration fee for Talk Is Cheap?

No, it’s a free and informal opportunity for communicators to explore and share developments in social media. And, it includes food and beverages available before the first session. So, no money. But, we hope you’ll consider donating to a good cause while at the event: Beat the Street is a Frontier College initiative for street youth, giving them an opportunity to increase their literacy skills in a non-threatening environment. Its services one-to-one and small group tutoring.


6. Where is The Centre for Creative Communications located?

Centennial’s CCC is at 951 Carlaw Avenue, close to downtown Toronto. It's north of Danforth Avenue and one block west of Pape Avenue, at Mortimer.


7. Is it accessible by TTC?

It sure is. From the Pape subway station, take the 25 Don Mills or the 81 Thorncliffe Park bus to Mortimer (the first light north of the station) and walk one block west to Carlaw. If you prefer, it’s a 10-minute walk north on Pape from Pape subway station.


8. What about parking?

Parking is available after 6 p.m. by entering the campus lot at the south end of the building off Carlaw. Simply drive past the raised barrier and find a spot. Street parking in the neighbourhood is also available.


9. Where did the logo come from?

The Talk Is Cheap logo is primarily the work of three Centennial Corporate Communications & PR students: Joe Chawla, Kristen Zemlak and Alana Da Silva. Nice work, eh?

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